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There's several new features added in Ver 4.0 

Version 4.0

 1. Add multiple language support, Ver4.0 can process PDF documents in English, French... All the European languages, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean. It can even process documents that have several kind of languages mixed in it. Please check out the converting examples here.

 2. Supports Type0, Type1, Type3, TrueType, CIDFont and CMap.

 3. Fix bug-- in 3.0, if there's several thousands of blank space behind %%EOF, it will stuck the parsing engine.

 4. Fix bug-- in 3.0 some embedded images maybe be not processed correctly.

 5. Fix bug-- add function to deal with duplicate text segment.

 6. Several minor bugs were fixed.

Version 3.0

 1. Graphic user interface added. All the version before 3.0 have no graphic user interface. GUI was added from version 3.0

   2. The layout of PDF document can be kept in the output text file. Previous version can't handle layout well, layout is supported in version 3.0.

   3. Several minor bugs were fixed.


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