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Why the text file generated by P2T is in a mess.  Is there any way to keep the line break and the layout of the document?
  • Please check out our latest version V3.0, The layout can be reserved in the new version.

What's P2T/P2X?

  • Well, P2T stands for PDF Plain Text Extractor, P2X stands for PDF XML Converter.

What's the difference between P2T/P2X COM Edition and DLL Edition?

  •  COM Edition encapsulates all functions into a COM component, you can call the COM object from script languages( ASP, PHP, Perl, Cold Fusion....) and all other languages that support COM interface. DLL Edition encapsulates all functions into a traditional DLL, you can't call it from script languages, but you get an high performance, much powerful lib, DLL Edition even provide a callback solutions beside the normal file system solutions, that means you have options to output the data stream into a file or directly into the buffer you provide in your own application, so you can get and process the output data stream in real time manner.

Do I need to install Acrobat or Acrobat reader to make P2T/P2X works?

  • No, you don't need any 3rd party software to make P2T work. P2T works on the raw pdf file directly. So you don't need spend another $xxx to just extract text from pdf file.

I saw P2T support PDF specification 1.x, Does it works on my old pdf files?

  • Yes, P2T can works on pdf files that compatible with PDF spcecification 1.5 and lower. 

Does P2T works on pdf files that encoded using LZWDecode?

  • Yes, P2T supports LZWDecode.

Can I integrate the standard or Server version into my own application and redistribute it?

  • No, PDF Plain Text Extractor Standard and Server Edition is for end user, you can't redistribute it. If you want to integrate P2T/P2X into your own application and redistribute it, please take a look about P2T Developer Edition(COM) or P2T Developer(DLL).

Does P2T/P2X supports encrypted pdf files?

  • No, P2T doesn't support encrypted pdf files.

Do I need to pay additional run time licensing fee if I bought P2T/P2X Developer Edition and integrated it into my own redistributable application ?

  • No, It's royalty free.

I am testing your P2T COM component using VB6, but I got "Error 429. ActiveX component can't create object", what's wrong with it ?

  • The common reason for this issue is you forgot to add the reference of P2T component in your project. You need to add the reference of P2TServer to the project "Project->References..." Make sure "P2TServer Type Library" was selected there.

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